ANGELINE AUTHENTIC INC. Angeline Pompei Releases Rap Song to Teach Numbers and Simple Verbs to Adult English-Language Learners

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13/02/2024 15:00

"Fairy Rap Frequency," from her album of songs for learning English, helps listeners learn to count and use simple verbs.

MISSISSAUGA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2024 / Language-learning innovator Angeline Pompei is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her new single, "Fairy Rap Frequency," a rap song designed to help people learn how to count in English and to practice simple verbs.

Angeline Pompei is the creator of a trailblazing approach for adults to learn English fast. Her program includes a series of easy-to-read, interest-based, bilingual books for adults to practice English with line-by-line translations, and her album "Verbiage," which incorporates vocabulary themes, verb conjugation, and grammar into immersive songs that transform remote learning into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

"Fairy Rap Frequency" is the first track released, outside of her album "Verbiage," that helps adults learn to count numbers and to practice the verbs "ask" and "get." The rap song, expected to be released around Valentine's Day, makes numbers a focus of the lyrics, which explore the theme of the breakup of a relationship.

"I started to reflect on my own memories," Angeline Pompei said. "I realized a memory is really a moment in time that makes you feel something good or bad. I thought, what better way to help people learn English faster than by invoking feelings? Songs really tell a story. It is easier to remember words with music and lyrics that rhyme."

A study at the University of San Francisco entitled "Teaching English as a Second Language through Rap Music" found evidence that music can help students learn a language. Studies show music can help discern separate words better than if they listen to lyrics without music. The rhythm and intonation of a song aids learners in hearing prosody. When students sing or rap, they connect words and stress specific syllables following the musical pattern. It shows that they can learn a language better when accompanied by music.

Angeline Pompei's album goes a step further, with songs she created specifically to help adults learn English, an alternate approach to conventional language-learning tools. "I intentionally created my songs with hidden grammar themes. They present an easy way to engage with English grammar and spoken English," she said.

She recommends reading the lyrics first and connecting on an emotional level with the song because if the song elicits feelings or imagination in the listener, the lyrics are more likely to be remembered. The bilingual lyrics are available for download at https://learnenglishfast.com/pages/verbiage-esl-songs-for-adults. Then, learners can download "Fairy Rap Frequency," other selected tracks, or the entire "Verbiage" album from streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music and add it to their playlist. Users can memorize the words by listening to the song repeatedly.

Her "Learn English Fast With Angeline" is an online platform that delivers ESL books, music, and other resources. Her songs, which focus specifically on English grammar, have downloadable bilingual lyrics from her bilingual songbook in English/Spanish, English/French, English/Portuguese, English/Italian, English/German, English/Polish and English/Japanese. To date, the Learn English Fast bilingual books series is available for native Spanish, French, Italian and Polish speakers. A Portuguese series is to be released this year.

Through the power and emotion of music, Angeline Pompei is using her innovative method to redefine the language learning process. To learn more about Learn English Fast®, visit Angeline Pompei's website at https://learnenglishfast.com.

About Learn English Fast®

Angeline Pompei is an entrepreneur and adult language learner with a degree in aerospace engineering and a TELF certification to teach English internationally as a second language. Founder and CEO of Angeline Authentic, she created the Learn English Fast® system for people to learn English as a second language. Learn English Fast® comprises Angeline Pompei's unique series of line-by-line bilingual books for learning languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish. She is also an artist with an album, "Verbiage," that teaches grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation through music.

Angeline Pompei is most proud of her skincare books, having been a successful entrepreneur in the skincare industry for 18 years, which includes her 3D anti-aging formula to maintain youthful skin. A multi-faceted individual, she uses all her experience to teach adults English through interest-based learning, bilingual materials, and music. All Learn English Fast® resources are available on Amazon, and her music is on major streaming platforms. Her songbook is available on Amazon and in a free PDF on her website.

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