APERAM BSH confirms decarbonization strategy with selection of Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon stainless steel

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05/12/2023 13:58

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BSH confirms decarbonization strategy with selection of Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon stainless steel

05-Dec-2023 / 13:58 CET/CEST

BSH confirms decarbonization strategy with selection of

Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon stainless steel


Luxembourg, 05 December 2023 (13:30 CET) - Aperam, a global player in stainless, electrical and specialty steel and recycling, announced that long-time customer BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, a leader in the home appliance industry, will use Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon premium stainless steel for the first time in its dishwasher production.

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the world’s leading home appliance companies and the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe.

They are also a long standing customer – and partner – of Aperam.

Today, this partnership becomes even stronger, with BSH choosing Aperam infinite™ near-zero carbon premium stainless steel for use in its dishwasher manufacturing.

“It is important for us to offer consumers more sustainable solutions,” says Lars Schubert, Chief Operating Officer – BSH Home Appliances Group. “With our broad product portfolio of energy-efficient and water-saving home appliances, circular business models and more and more products with more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, we offer a solution for every situation in life – also thanks to strong partners like Aperam.”

In choosing Aperam infinite™, which has up to 47% lower carbon footprint[1] than our standard grades, BSH is able to further advance its sustainability journey.

“Our near-zero CO₂ products were designed with the customer in mind, and we are thrilled to have BSH as a partner to use and promote this new product line,” said Aperam CEO Tim Di Maulo. “We look forward to demonstrating how these low-emission products enable companies like BSH to reduce their carbon footprints, sustainably make products for their own customers, and become an important link in the responsible value chain.”

Aperam is particularly proud of the fact that BSH was involved in the Aperam infinite™ project from the very beginning – participating in the discussions and work to develop this unique product line capable of allowing end users to achieve a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.

“Day-by-day and in collaboration with our partners and customers, we are building a robust circular system – one that encompasses the entire stainless steel value chain – with the aim of closing the loop as much as we can,” added Di Maulo.

Designed for today and the future

Aperam infinite™ is designed for today and the future. While it currently includes a number of grades, including 304 for austenitic and multiple ferritic grades, the company plans to gradually expand the product range and ramp up production volumes.

In Europe, Aperam infinite™ is made with up to 98% recycled material content and achieves up to an 85% reduction in CO₂ emissions compared to industry standards.

When choosing Aperam infinite™, customers and end users gain many benefits including:

  • An accelerated path to achieving their CO₂ reduction goals, including for scope 3 emissions, thus enhancing their sustainability credentials.
  • An opportunity to use more recycled materials in making their products, thanks to Aperam’s closed loop process.
  • The ability to offer consumers products that have a low environmental impact and a high proportion of recyclable material.
  • By partnering with Aperam, customers can maximize the value of their scrap by selling high purity, well sorted material to the company’s Recycling and Renewables Division, embracing a complete circular model.

Additional benefits include brand protection, differentiation from competitors and Aperam’s ongoing support in helping customers comply with regulatory requirements.

More information on Aperam’s infinite™ brand is available here.



About Aperam


Aperam is a global player in stainless, electrical and specialty steel, with customers in over 40 countries. Starting from 1 January 2022, the business is organized in four primary reportable segments: Stainless & Electrical Steel, Services & Solutions, Alloys & Specialties and Recycling & Renewables.

Aperam has a flat Stainless and Electrical steel capacity of 2.5 million tonnes in Brazil and Europe and is a leader in high value specialty products. In addition to its industrial network, spread over six production facilities in Brazil, Belgium and France, Aperam has a highly integrated distribution, processing and services network and a unique capability to produce low carbon footprint stainless and special steels from biomass, stainless steel scrap and high performance alloys scrap. With Bioenergia and its unique capability to produce charcoal made from its own FSC® -certified forestry and with ELG, a global leader in collecting, trading, processing and recycling of stainless steel scrap and high performance alloys, Aperam’s places sustainability at the heart of its business, helping customers worldwide to excel in the circular economy. Aperam is the first player in its market to be ResponsibleSteel™ certified in Europe and the Americas. Its sustainability efforts have received wide recognition.

In 2022, Aperam had sales of EUR 8,156 million and shipments of 2.31 million tonnes.

For further information, please refer to our website at www.aperam.com.




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[1]  scope 1+2+3 upstream - Ref. Aperam infinite 304 stainless steel compared to Aperam 304 standard produced in Europe, LCA externally calculated

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