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10/05/2021 06:35

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Sensirion Holding AG: Sensirion fully acquires infrared spectrometer specialist IRsweep

10.05.2021 / 06:35

Media Release
10 May 2021, Sensirion Holding AG, 8712 Stäfa, Switzerland

Sensirion fully acquires infrared spectrometer specialist IRsweep

Sensirion Holding AG, a leading provider of environmental and flow sensor solutions, completes the acquisition of IRsweep AG, an innovative provider of optical sensing solutions. IRsweep, based in Stäfa, Switzerland, develops, manufactures, and supplies optical spectroscopy solutions based on semiconductor quantum cascade laser (QCL) frequency comb technology in the mid-infrared.

Sensirion has been a minority investor of IRsweep with 33% of the shares since 2017. With this acquisition, Sensirion expands its optical sensing technology portfolio from components and modules to stand-alone infrared spectrometers for industrial and research applications. Many spectroscopic applications in industry and research simultaneously require high spectral resolution and speed. IRsweep's infrared spectrometers based on its QCL frequency comb technology allow to study fast processes very accurately, such as protein dynamics or industrial reaction monitoring, without the need for moving parts.

IRsweep was founded in 2014, has eleven employees, and offers compact spectrometers based on its QCL frequency comb technology. Core applications of IRsweep's technology include the study of fast reaction kinetics in research and development applications. This acquisition allows Sensirion to strengthen its optical sensing technology portfolio enabling long-term developments of cost-efficient sensing solutions based on optical measurement principles, such as trace gas analysis in environmental monitoring or the detection of methane leaks.

Andreas Hugi, Markus Mangold and Markus Geiser, IRsweep's founding team comment: "We are excited to fully become a part of the Sensirion group, which will support us in expanding our reach and addressing new applications." The three founders will continue to act as IRsweep's proven management team.

"Sensirion very cordially welcomes all IRsweep employees and looks forward to joint developments of optical sensing solutions for air or water quality measurements," says Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensirion.

To learn more about Sensirion, please visit
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Andrea Wüest
Director Investor Relations and M&A
Tel: +41 44 927 11 40

About Sensirion Holding AG
Sensirion Holding AG (SIX Swiss Exchange: SENS), headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems. The product range includes gas and liquid flow sensors, differential pressure sensors and environmental sensors for the measurement of humidity and temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide (CO2), and particulate matter (PM2.5). An international network with sales offices in China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the US supplies international customers with standard and custom sensor system solutions for a vast range of applications. Sensirion sensors can commonly be found in the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer end markets. For further information, visit

About IRsweep
IRsweep AG was founded in 2014 as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich and Empa, Switzerland. It introduced the first commercial mid infrared dual-comb spectrometer in 2017 and has systems installed in Europe, North America and Asia. IRsweep is currently focusing on high end laboratory applications for research applications, exploiting the superior optical power of Quantum Cascade Lasers and the power of the dual comb multi-heterodyne spectroscopy technique.
For further information, visit

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