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14/09/2021 12:40

Hardman & Co Research
Hardman & Co Research: ICG Enterprise Trust: ICGT in personal pensions: do as the professionals do

14-Sep-2021 / 11:40 GMT/BST

Hardman & Co Research:

ICGT in personal pensions: do as the professionals do

With UK Pensions Awareness Day taking place on 15 September 2021, in this note, we explore the reasons why PE, and ICGT in particular, may be suitable for personal pensions. In summary, ICGT gives investors a liquid, managed option to replicate what professional pension fund managers and long-term investors do. It accesses above-market compounding returns, and diversifies risk. ICGT has strong corporate governance, good disclosure, and a simple structure. Its defensive growth strategy has consistently delivered superior returns across cycles. In our view, the discount to NAV (16%) offers additional value to compounding NAV growth.

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