PRECISIONEERS GROUP Precisioneers(TM) Group Launches to Bring Precision Engineered Products to the North American Market

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09/07/2024 17:00

Precision Products and Components for Motion, Measurement and Vision

HUDSON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2024 / Precisioneers Group proudly announces its establishment, building on the success of piezosystem jena Inc. to distribute and support cutting-edge, high technology precision products across North America. Specializing in motion, measurement, and optical solutions, Precisioneers Group offers nanometer precise motion technology, picometer-level laser measurement systems, and advanced vision components.

Precisioneers Group
Precisioneers Group
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Designed and manufactured in Germany, our products cater to diverse industries, providing unparalleled application engineering, product demonstrations, and technical consultations. We aim to enhance technical capabilities and support groundbreaking innovations.

Product Range and Expertise

Precisioneers Group's product lineup includes:

  • Motion Products: Drive technology with nanometers accuracy, and kHz speed.

  • Measurement Systems: Laser interferometers and vibrometers with picometer resolution for displacement, tip, tilt, roll and pitch measurement in kHz range.

  • Vision Components: High-quality telecentric lenses and lighting for exact vision applications.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, these products cater to a wide range of industries offering unparalleled application engineering, product demonstrations, and technical consultations. By combining different technologies, we will enable our customers to achieve the best possible outcomes.


The solutions from Precisioneers Groups are integral to various high-precision applications, including:

Semiconductor Manufacturing:

  • We provide high-precision motion control and measurement solutions for semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as wafer inspection, photolithography, and device positioning. Piezo drives ensure accurate wafer handling, and interferometers deliver precise surface topography, displacement and thickness measurements. Advanced vision systems with telecentric lenses enable consistent image magnification for meticulous quality control and alignment tasks.


  • In photonics applications, Precisioneers™ Group offers high-precision piezo stages for laser beam steering and optical alignment. SIOS interferometers are essential for measuring wavelengths and optical path differences accurately. Coupled with telecentric lenses and blue light, these solutions provide superior imaging accuracy, essential for developing and testing advanced optical systems.

Materials Testing:

  • Precisioneers Group's high-power piezo actuators are ideal for dynamic material property testing, delivering precise motion control, while our interferometers enable non-contact measurement of surface deformation and material thickness, critical for evaluating material properties. Vision systems with telecentric lenses and blue light ensure high-resolution imaging of material surfaces, aiding in comprehensive materials analysis and quality assurance.

About Precisioneers Group

Precisioneers Group continues the legacy of precision established by piezosystem jena Inc., providing North American customers with top-tier engineering support and innovative products. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures our customers receive the best solutions for their high-technology needs.

For more details, please visit Precisioneers Group: https://precisioneersgroup.com/

Contact Information

Randy Hilgren

SOURCE: Precisioneers Group


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09/07/2024 17:00

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