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10/05/2018 10:34

Capital reduction - notice of petition

Released 10:34 10-May-2018


The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc

NatWest Markets Plc


10 May 2018

Capital reduction - notice of petition

As previously announced on 30 April 2018, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc together with its subsidiaries (the "RBS Group") intends to undertake a court-approved capital reduction of NatWest Markets Plc (formerly known as The Royal Bank of Scotland plc) (the "Company"). A special resolution was passed at a general meeting of the Company on 3 May 2018 to reduce the Company's share capital and to cancel the Company's share premium account and capital redemption reserve, subject to the confirmation of the Court of Session in Scotland (the "Court") (the "Reduction").

On 9 May 2018, a petition (the "Petition") was presented to the Court by the Company seeking an order confirming the reduction of its share capital and the cancellation of its share premium account and capital redemption reserve. A copy of the notice of the Company's application is set out below.




Company Number: SC090312

Notice is hereby given that, on 9 May 2018, a Petition was presented to the Court of Session in Edinburgh (the "Court") by NatWest Markets Plc (formerly The Royal Bank of Scotland plc), a public company registered in Scotland, under the company number SC090312 and with its registered office at 36 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2YB (the "Company"), seeking an order confirming a reduction of its share capital and the cancellation of its share premium account and cancellation of its capital redemption reserve (the "Reduction"), which was approved by a special resolution of the Company passed on 3 May 2018.

On 9 May 2018, the Court ordered (i) that the Petition be advertised once in each of The London Gazette, The Edinburgh Gazette, The Belfast Gazette, The Scotsman and The Financial Times (UK and international editions), and (ii) that any person claiming an interest in the Reduction lodge Answers to the Petition, if so advised, at the offices of the Court, 2 Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RQ within 21 days of the publication of the last of those advertisements. As the last of those advertisements is expected to be published on Friday 18 May 2018, the deadline for lodging Answers to the Petition is expected to be Friday 8 June 2018.

Any such person may wish to seek independent legal advice. In accordance with its practice, the Court is also likely to consider any other objections which are made to it, in writing or in person, at the hearing of the Petition to confirm the Reduction. That hearing is expected to take place at the Court on Friday 29 June 2018.

Should that date change, the new date will be advertised on the website of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc at

A copy of this advertisement will also be available on that same web page.

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Saltire Court

20 Castle Terrace



Solicitors to NatWest Markets Plc"

The Reduction, if confirmed by the Court, will cancel 6,209,000,000 ordinary shares of £1 each. As at 9 May 2018, the balance of the Company's share premium account was approximately GBP27,692 million and the balance of the capital redemption reserve was approximately GBP0.1 million. The effect of the Reduction and the return of capital in specie, if confirmed by the Court, will be to transfer the whole issued share capital of NatWest Holdings Limited (the parent company of the future ring-fenced sub-group) to The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. This will separate the ring-fenced sub-group from the multiple entities outside the -ring-fence, as required by the ring-fencing legislation. Subject to confirmation by the Court, the RBS Group intends to effect these changes on or around 1 July 2018.


For further information, please contact:


RBS Investor Relations


Matt Waymark

Head of Investor Relations

+44 (0) 20 7672 1758


Paul Pybus

Head of Debt Investor Relations

+44 (0) 20 7678 1153



RBS Media Relations

+44 (0) 13 1523 4205


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