STARTUP GENOME Startup Genome and the G20 Startup20 Join Forces to Launch the APEXE Nations Report

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22/04/2024 11:00

The APEXE Nations Report establishes a standardized methodology for measuring startup economies at a national scale

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2024 / Startup Genome, Global Entrepreneurship Network, ABStartups, and Startup20 announce a partnership to create the APEXE Nations Report to launch as a part of Startup20 2024 in Rio de Janeiro. The APEXE Nations (Aptitudes and Policies for Exponential Entrepreneurship) Report will compare countries in terms of their startup performance and supporting conditions - establishing a standardized methodology for measuring startup economies at a national scale.

"We are thrilled with the partnership with Startup Genome as part of the efforts of the Startup 20 Engagement Group of G20. It will be the first time that a comparative study is made with startup ecosystems of all the G20 countries. We hope that its results may influence in policies to improve and develop those ecosystems," comments Felipe Matos, VP of ABStartups.

It is the collective intention of all partners to develop the Apexe Report into a core asset supporting future G20 Presidencies and G20 Leaders Summits in their efforts to engineer and harmonize startup ecosystems globally. The data-based report will examine what contributes to a successful startup ecosystem, including fostering talent, access to financial capital, and support infrastructure.

"We welcome this partnership with the Startup20 Engagement Group to highlight major trends in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem and derive important policy implications for G20 Leaders. The Apexe Report will underline the importance for global collaboration and we call on national representatives to work with us in creating this invaluable resource," shares Marc Penzel, Founder and President of Startup Genome.

The report will highlight the conditions needed for entrepreneurs to flourish, drawing the attention of national policymakers towards actions that can help startups thrive.


Startup20 is an official engagement group as part of the G20, and acts as a dialogue forum with the global startup ecosystem stakeholders and intends to represent the global startup ecosystem to raise the macroeconomic concerns and challenges faced by entrepreneurs with G20 leaders. Startup20 will work towards bringing forward key topics for discussion and formulating recommendations against each priority area.


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