1E 1E Launches AI to Further Advance Autonomous DEX Capabilities and Remove Digital Friction

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23/01/2024 18:30

LONDON, UK AND AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 23, 2024 / 1E today announced 1E Intelligence, a new set of hybrid edge AI capabilities blending the rapid, real-time processing abilities of edge computing with the adaptive, analytical power of cloud AI. This combination empowers businesses to unlock unprecedented digital employee experience (DEX) efficiencies and insights, directly at the source of data generation.

1E Intelligence showcases two innovative capabilities:

Intelligent Sentiment is a patent-pending, user-centric "digital twin" AI that's native to the edge and uses predictive analytics to identify user frustration. This technology allows IT organizations to optimize operations and deliver frictionless digital employee experiences by bringing the user's needs front and center in the decision-making process.

Intelligent Insights uses predictive, causal, and generative AI processes to analyze trends and offer actionable, data-driven insights. This empowers digital workplace leaders, administrators, and technicians to make informed decisions to boost user up-time and operational efficiency.

"The transition from manual to autonomous DEX operations is the magic of these capabilities. They provide an AI-driven mechanism to highlight problems, drive action, and provide a feedback loop when issues are resolved, all while uncovering user sentiment for a holistic understanding of DEX perception and issues. Businesses today need to do more with less and demonstrate a clear return on their investment. 1E Intelligence is doing just that, eliminating friction in the moments that matter, and paving the way to a self-governing DEX strategy." -Mark Banfield, CEO of 1E

What can 1E Intelligence do for IT organizations?

Personalized Experience at the Edge: Using edge AI, 1E Intelligence helps IT teams deliver a highly personalized user experience that adapts to each employee's distinct work style and preferences.

Precise Root-Cause Analysis: Using causal AI to methodically unravel the cause and effect behind IT disruptions enables us to deliver precise root cause analysis, paving the way for quick and accurate resolution.

Predictive Sentiment: Intelligent Sentiment predicts user sentiment in real-time. This rapid analysis not only pinpoints user frustration but also anticipates problems before they escalate into broader challenges.

Effortless Troubleshooting: 1E Intelligence uses predictive and generative AI to simplify root cause analysis (RCA) by surfacing issues and providing IT professionals with the context of what they need to investigate.

Frictionless DEX: By focusing on the user's needs, 1E Intelligence ensures that the digital workplace intuitively aligns with the employee's work style, minimizing disruptions and promoting productivity.

Check out our 1E blog to learn more about 1E Intelligence, Intelligent Sentiment, and Intelligent Insights.

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More than 500 organizations in 42 countries trust 1E to help them create a better Digital Employee Experience (DEX). The 1E Platform provides real-time diagnosis, remediation, and automation to proactively fix issues before they ruin the workday. Reduce costs, move faster, and increase employee happiness with 1E. For more information, visit 1E.com.

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