BRIAN KAYFITZ DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Brian Kayfitz Development Corp. Launches Flutter Freelance Services

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11/06/2024 15:15

Flutter services are now available for anyone who wants to develop a Flutter app, fix an existing Flutter app or needs Flutter mentoring services.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Brian Kayfitz Development Corporation is an app development agency, which now offers Flutter Mobile App Development Services. Instead of hiring a large mobile app agency, you can now hire Brian Kayfitz to help with your existing app development needs.

Flutter Freelance Services
Flutter Freelance Services

As a Flutter freelancer, Brian Kayfitz can help with the following problems:

  • Cross Platform App Development Services
  • Flutter Code Reviews
  • App Developer mentorships and training
  • Existing App's new feature development, fixing of bugs and improving app's performance.
  • Mobile app consulting services

"Working with app development companies, I realized that there is a gap in the app development industry. You can hire app development companies to build your app, or have in-house developers working on your app. But what happens when you discover an issue? Or what if you hired an offshore mobile app agency which delivered an app that is great, until you try to scale it? Or what if you have an outdated app that needs maintaining and the original developer is no longer available for hire? These are all current and past client's issues that I have stepped in to help with. Therefore, I have decided to offer Flutter services to anyone who may also experience a similar pain point," said Brian Kayfitz, Flutter Freelance Developer.

To learn more about Brian Kayfitz's innovative Flutter freelance services and how they can help you with your app, please visit briankayfitz.com.

About Brian Kayfitz Development Corporation

Brian Kayfitz Development Corporation is a mobile app agency which was started by Brian Kayfitz, a senior app developer. Brian has worked on over 20 apps, co-authored the Flutter Cookbook published by Packt, and mentored developers all over the world.

He started his career as a game developer, and when iOS was launched, he wrote apps in Objective-C. He later transitioned to writing apps in Java, Swift, Kotlin and finally Flutter. He has built award-winning apps and his apps are being used by millions of users, in multiple app categories. After opening his agency in 2020, Brian decided instead of expanding by hiring more developers, designers and project managers, he would instead stay as freelance Flutter developer. Now he is a Flutter developer for hire.

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Brian Kayfitz

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18/06/2024 15:15
11/06/2024 15:15

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