CANTINA ROYALE Cantina Royale Targets Next Billion Gamers With New Elrond-Based Free-To-Play & Play-ToEarn Metaverse Arcade

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22/06/2022 14:00

Cantina Royale
Cantina Royale Targets Next Billion Gamers With New Elrond-Based Free-To-Play & Play-ToEarn Metaverse Arcade

22-Jun-2022 / 14:00 CET/CEST

Cantina Royale Targets Next Billion Gamers With New Elrond-Based Free-To-Play & Play-ToEarn Metaverse Arcade

NEWS RELEASE BY Cantina Royale

Vaduz, Lichtenstein

Cantina Royale, the tactical shooter based on the award -winning Unity game engine, announces Web3 Free-ToPlay and Play-to-Earn Metaverse components based on the Elrond Network internet-scale blockchain.

The free-to-play cross-platform tactical action shooter supports beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay that are ready to earn it a place at the top of its genre immediately after its launch this summer.

With the addition of Web3 elements such as NFT in-game assets integrated via a seamless blockchain framework, Cantina Royale is ready to ease the next billion gamers into the future generation of interoperable digital adventures.

“It’s time to make characters and items into NFTs, and give players new mechanisms for creating and exchanging value.” said Koby Menachemi, Founder of Cantina Royale & Verko. “It will be just how real-world racing teams upgrade their cars as drivers upgrade their skills, building more excitement from one race to the next. This is exactly the type of relationship that Cantina Royale establishes between NFT owners and gamers.”

Fueled by the Verko Metaverse experience framework, built on top of the Elrond blockchain, Cantina Royale enables players to enjoy a new gaming experience, supercharged by Web3 components such as NFT characters and digital assets, opening the door for a rich value creation engine with new and recurring income streams.

The framework does away with setting up blockchain tools such as wallets and accounts. All players will thus automatically cross this “crypto” barrier that has been hindering the adoption of blockchain gaming.

Designed as a Gaming API layer on top of the Elrond Network, the Verko framework enables game studios to augment their titles with internet-scale blockchain super powers using just a few lines of code. Upgrading games to the power of Web3 is now possible without draining gameplay development resources.

Cantina Royale is part of a new breed of games, experiences, and economies.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond

Network CEO. “The first wave in the tide that will carry blockchain gaming outside of its current niche and into the mainstream.”

Cantina Royale will debut its Cantina Royale Token (CRT) on the Maiar Launchpad in July. Cantina Royale raised 

$4.5 million in funding through a round led by Elrond and Mechanism Capital. Other investors include Crypto.com, Morningstar Ventures, Animoca Brands, Skynet EGLD Capital, GBV Capital, Good Games Guild, Chingari and more.

About Elrond

Elrond is a new blockchain architecture, designed from scratch to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed. To achieve this, Elrond introduces two key innovations: a novel Adaptive State Sharding mechanism, and a Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, enabling linear scalability with a fast, efficient, and secure consensus mechanism. Thus, Elrond can process upwards of 15,000 transactions per second (TPS), with 6-second latency, and negligible cost, attempting to become the backbone of a permissionless, borderless, globally accessible internet economy. https://elrond.com

About Cantina Royale

The product of a 15-strong team with decades of shared experience, Cantina Royale, is led by game designer Dan Bojan and developer Paul Szanto. Bojan has previously worked with Angry Mob Games on successful projects such as Predators, Alien vs. Predator and Muffin Knight. He’s also collaborated with Facebook, Google and Valve on virtual reality and Android console projects. Szanto, meanwhile, is head of engineering for Phenomenon Games and has worked for Gameloft and Angry Mob Games on major gaming projects.


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Dan Voicu

dan.voicu@elrond.com Company Website



Cantina Royale Free-to-play Play-to-earn Metaverse Blockchain

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