CARESIMPLE INC. Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health Partners With CareSimple to Tackle Maternal & Infant Health in Rural Mississippi

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15/05/2024 15:00

The collaboration, part of HRSA's RMOMS program, harnesses innovative solutions to address disparities in maternal care, emphasizing early risk identification and evidence-based interventions.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2024 / The Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health (IAMH), a participant in the Health Resources and Services Administration's (HRSA) Rural Maternity & Obstetrics Management Strategies (RMOMS) program, has joined forces with CareSimple to implement Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology aimed at improving maternal and infant health outcomes in rural Mississippi.

CareSimple and IAMH
CareSimple and IAMH

HRSA launched RMOMS to combat the stark reality of the U.S.'s high maternal mortality rate, which disproportionately affects expectant black women, with a risk three times higher than their white and Hispanic counterparts. The goal is to enhance access to maternal and obstetrics care in rural areas, ultimately boosting health outcomes for mothers and infants.

Over the next four years, CareSimple will equip IAMH and its clinical partners with technology for monitoring blood pressure, body weight, and blood glucose levels throughout pregnancy and into the early postpartum period. Moreover, CareSimple will provide evidence-based care plans and collaborate with IAMH to optimize clinical protocols and workflows.

Dr. Sandra Melvin, IAMH CEO & Founder, emphasizes the importance of early risk identification: "In order to address the high rates of maternal mortality, it is important to identify risk factors earlier in pregnancy. This technology will allow us to identify women at risk for poor birth outcomes earlier in pregnancy and to design individual case management plans based on each woman's specific needs."

The partnership represents another stepping stone in CareSimple's mission to bring RPM to underserved communities, as previously reported by HealthcareITNews in 2022, and ongoing focus on maternal and infant health.

Michael Nadeau, CEO and Founder of CareSimple, underscores the impact of early intervention: "Evidence shows that interventions initiated during the earliest stages of pregnancy promote maternal and fetal health. Postpartum monitoring will help minimize the risk of complications as both mother and baby recover from the rigors of delivery."

About Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health

The Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health was established in 2019 to reduce health disparities among disadvantaged and underserved minority populations in Mississippi through the establishment of community-based partnerships that utilize the health equity framework as the foundation for the development of culturally appropriate solutions. The organization's vision is "To improve health outcomes in vulnerable, underserved, disadvantaged minority communities in Mississippi." For more information about the Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health, visit https://www.minority-institute.org/.

About CareSimple

CareSimple is a leading provider of digital health solutions specializing in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Hospital in The Home (HTH), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM). The CareSimple platform offers a unifying enterprise solution that integrates into electronic health records, delivering software, medical devices, connectivity, logistics, and professional services to health systems, physician groups, and payers. Visit https://caresimple.com/ for more details.

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Martin Leclerc
Vice President Of Sales & Business Development

SOURCE: CareSimple


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