CORSAIR GROUP Corsair Signs Deal to Supply Shell with Pyrolysis Oil

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12/02/2024 05:00

BANGKOK, THAILAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2024 / Plastic waste recycling firm Corsair Bangkok Company Ltd (CORSAIR) has signed a deal to supply Shell Singapore Pte Ltd (SSPL) with pyrolysis oil, a mixed plastic waste feedstock.

Under the deal, Corsair, a company that converts daily household plastic waste into pyrolysis advanced bio oil, will deliver pyrolysis oil from its plastic waste chemical recycling facility in Thailand to the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Singapore on Bukom.

The pyrolysis oil will then be used to manufacture sustainable circular chemicals which are typically used in a wide variety of products found in everyday life like cleaning products, textiles, food packaging and others.

The CEO of Corsair, Mr. Jussi Veikko Saloranta said, "We are very excited about this collaboration with Shell.

Plastic waste is a major global problem. From the hundreds of billions of kilos of plastic waste generated around the world annually, less than 10% is estimated to be recycled at this present time. We must do all we can to develop efficient ways for recycling the old, discarded plastic garbage into new plastic products - exactly as what's been done with metals, glass and paper. Burning the plastic in incinerators or dumping it into the landfills is not a solution - the right way is to turn the old plastic back into new plastic products.

Corsair, which started its operations in Thailand and has recently expanded into Europe, has a target to expand Internationally for a greater positive impact on the environment", Saloranta said.

"At Shell, we believe chemical recycling offers a valuable and viable way to complement mechanical recycling measures, and is needed to achieve the higher recycling rates that are a must for the reduction of waste plastic into the environment. It is not just a partnership for innovation, but a commitment to a sustainable and circular future," said Phil Turley, General Manager of Global Plastic Circular Economy at Shell.


Corsair Group is an international, ISCC certified plastic waste recycling company, which turns daily household plastic waste, such as plastic bags, wrapping materials and packaging products into Advanced Bio-oil at its facilities in Thailand and Finland.

With its Global Head Office located in Thailand and its European Head Office in the Netherlands, Corsair is on a mission to clean our planet from the plastic pollution, by recycling discarded plastic waste from the environment and landfills, into valuable products.

As its global development plan, Corsair aims to expand its plastic waste chemical recycling facilities globally, with its main focus on Asia, Europe and North America.

Additionally to its industrial operations as a plastic waste recycler, Corsair is also the developer and issuer of the world's leading plastic waste offset program, the CSR Plastic Credit. Through the CSR Plastic Credit, Corsair helps businesses and individuals to reduce and remove the impact their plastic waste has on the environment, by becoming Certified Plastic Neutral.

For more information, please visit www.corsairgroup.com

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