DLIVRD dlivrd and Cartwheel Innovate in POS Connectivity for Restaurant Delivery Efficiency, Cost Savings and Customer Satisfaction

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10/07/2024 18:45

New dlivrd Partnership Highlights Importance of POS Connectivity in Restaurant Delivery Services

HORSHAM, PA / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2024 / dlivrd, a white-label catering provider, announces its successful integration with Cartwheel, a delivery platform and integration provider of POS solutions, creating a seamless connection to various restaurant POS systems,. This integration offers restaurant owners and catering managers a new level of efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in managing their delivery operations.

dlivrd & Cartwheel Partnership
dlivrd & Cartwheel Partnership

Restaurants need an efficient way to manage delivery operations with the rise of third-party and in-house delivery fleets. The dlivrd and Cartwheel partnership has proven to be incredibly effective, achieving a 100% success rate for delivery orders in April and May. With a 96% on-time pick-up rate and 97% of deliveries not being late, this collaboration exemplifies excellence in delivery operations. These statistics highlight the benefits of leveraging advanced technology and strategic partnerships to optimize performance and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

"With the integration of dlivrd into our platform, we are setting a new standard for delivery management. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing restaurants with innovative tools to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction," said Alex Vasilkin, co-founder and CEO, Cartwheel.

dlivrd's Innovative Solutions

dlivrd's integration with Cartwheel offers restaurant owners and catering managers a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way to manage delivery operations. The integration streamlines operations, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction by providing a consistent and branded customer experience, whether orders are delivered in-house or outsourced.

Paul French Bakery and Cafes is one of the early adopters of dlivrd's integration with Cartwheel, and owner Bryce Cole reports significant benefits. "Since we started using dlivrd's integrated solution with Cartwheel, our catering delivery operations have become faster and more efficient. This partnership has achieved a 100% success rate in delivering orders during April and May. In addition, 96% on-time pick-up rate and 97% of deliveries were punctual."

Benefits of dlivrd and Cartwheel

  • Streamlined Delivery Management: This integration streamlines delivery processes, dispatching orders to drivers based on predefined rules quickly. This automation reduces order processing time by 90%, resulting in quicker deliveries and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: dlivrd's integration ensures consistent branding, transparency, and reassurance for customers through tracking links and review platform integrations. Advanced analytics offer valuable insights into customer satisfaction and delivery performance for refined business strategies and a potential increase in repeat business.

As highlighted in Toast's 2019 Restaurant Success Report, "Clients value loyalty programs, online reservations, and mobile or web order-ahead features as pivotal components of their dining experience." dlivrd's integration with Cartwheel aligns with these preferences, offering restaurant owners an opportunity to enhance their service offerings with technology-driven solutions.

Learn more about the integration's impact on restaurant delivery operations on dlivrd's website or contact us directly at hello@dlivrd.io.

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Ashley Campos
Chief Strategy Officer, dlivrd

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