JABBERYAK JabberYak Announces Free Access to Popular Icebreaker Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet

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12/02/2024 14:00

Popular conversation-starter virtual backgrounds are now available to individuals for free

TEMPE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / JabberYak, a leading provider of networking solutions and data analytics insight for events, meetings, and conferences, has announced that its popular icebreaker virtual backgrounds will now be available for free to individuals. This initiative is designed to enhance virtual interactions on platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, making online meetings more engaging, fun, and meaningful.

Icebreaker Virtual Background for Zoom, Teams, Google Meet
Icebreaker Virtual Background for Zoom, Teams, Google Meet
Create your free custom virtual background.

As remote work and virtual meetings continue to be a significant part of our daily lives, JabberYak aims to bridge the gap between digital and personal interaction. By making its icebreaker virtual backgrounds free, the company is committed to fostering a sense of community and connection among remote teams, friends, family, and online communities.

JabberYak's virtual backgrounds are more than just visually appealing scenes; they are designed to spark conversations, promote team-building, and break down the virtual barriers that can sometimes hinder online communication. Whether it's a quick team check-in, virtual sales demo, or an online class, these backgrounds are sure to add an element of engagement, connection, and enjoyment to any virtual meeting.

JabberYak Virtual Background is customized by selecting seven interests that give insight into who individuals are. These seven interests along with name, title, and other professional information are displayed on a custom image that can be used as Background for ZOOM, Teams, Google, etc.

"We believe that virtual meetings don't have to be mundane or impersonal," said Shideh Doerr, CEO of JabberYak. "By offering our free icebreaker virtual backgrounds, we are excited to contribute to more vibrant and connected online interactions. It's our way of giving back to the community and making virtual meetings something everyone can look forward to."

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JabberYak develops unique tech solutions that help event attendees connect, engage, and network more effectively, while also providing event organizers with data analytics insights to create better experiences for the attendees.

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Shideh Doerr

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