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16/05/2024 14:00

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / The Legacy Builders Conference, held at the Hayes Mansion in San Jose on May 15, gathered a diverse mix of ultra-high-net-worth family offices, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs from across the United States. The conference tackled crucial topics including engaging the younger generation in philanthropy and the creation of individual legacies through collaborative giving.

Legacy Builders Conference Speakers
Legacy Builders Conference Speakers
Left to Right (back row): Justin Hyde, Ken Neumann, Michael Barbero, Becky Douglas, Alan Olsen, Terry Ryan, Jacqueline Hernandez, Eric Olsen (front row): Geoff Woolley, Steve Young, Jason Ma, Jack Crawford

Renowned retired three-star U.S. General Michael Barbero spoke on the state of the world and what individuals can do to better the citizens of war-torn countries. Becky Douglas, founder of Rising Star Outreach, an organization providing over 57,000 medical procedures annually along with economic and educational outreach, also spoke at the conference.

The conference was also graced by the eloquence of Steve Young, legendary former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and current HGGC partner. "I speak at a lot of events; this was not what I expected. I got more out of this conference from all of you than I feel like I have given to you."

The organization aspires to inspire individuals to contemplate their accumulated wealth and the potential positive impact it could have. Andrew Olsen, one of the event directors, enthuses, "We've brought a lot of powerful, outward-focused minds together with the mission of making this world a better place to live in."

Legacy Builders, conceived by Alan Olsen, the managing partner at GROCO, one of Silicon Valley's most acclaimed CPA and Family Office advisory firms, offers an unprecedented platform to unite individuals capable of making the world a better place. "We're given the unique opportunity to bring individuals together that have the ability to make a positive impact in the world that we live in."

The organization proudly champions its mission as "The path where wealth creators transform into legendary forces, impacting the world today and for countless generations to come."

The thought-provoking conference, designed by Alan's sons, Eric and Andrew Olsen, and entrepreneur Jacqueline Hernandez, offers more than your typical event. Hernandez describes it as, "A unique symposium where philanthropy, wealth management, and legacy planning converge. Legacy Builders isn't just a conference - it's a beacon of inspiration, a nexus of networking, and a hotbed of innovative ideas."

Eric Olsen, director of Legacy Builders, reflected on the conference, stating, "I believe we've achieved what we intended, but this is merely the inception of our journey towards global progress."

Legacy Builders' goal is to hold bi-annual conferences across the United States to enlist individuals in various markets that share their vision and goal for world betterment.

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Andrew Olsen
Conference Director

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