PROTENUS, INC. Protenus Granted Two New Patents for Healthcare Compliance

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02/04/2024 16:00

New patents granted for Patient Privacy Monitoring to expand technology used to monitor access to patient data that helps hospitals to identify patient record breaches

BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2024 / Protenus, provider of the leading healthcare compliance analytics platform, today announced two new grants of U.S. Patents that support its ongoing efforts to deliver patient privacy monitoring technology that enables hospitals and health systems to be more efficient and proactively eliminate risk to their organization and patients.

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The two new grants, U.S. Patent Nos. 11,735,297 and 11,862,308, which are both titled "Methods and Systems for Analyzing Accessing of Medical Data" are the Company's fifth and sixth patents in the patient privacy monitoring technology space. With these patents, Protenus now holds a myriad of granted U.S. patents covering various techniques for identifying possible breaches of patient data. For example, the newly-granted patents cover numerous techniques, including: using a pattern of access events by an employee group to determine a breach in the electronic patient data, and determining a breach in electronic patient data by detecting access events that are inconsistent with employee fingerprint data or patterns of accessing the electronic patient data.

"With more than 171 million patient records breached in 2023, Protenus is determined to help hospitals protect their patients' sensitive data with the use of our AI-driven technology," states Nick Culbertson, Protenus CEO and Co-founder. He continues, "Insider inappropriate or unauthorized access to patient records is an overwhelming cause of patient record breach incidents. Securing our intellectual property through patents enables us to continue providing hospitals with sophisticated, award-winning technology solutions that support their compliance efforts to efficiently detect and prevent inappropriate insider access to patient records, ultimately protecting their organization and its patients."

Protenus now holds more than a dozen granted U.S. patents covering various key aspects of patient privacy monitoring and drug diversion surveillance technologies, along with several other pending U.S. and foreign patent applications.

Any licensing inquiries or other questions about the Protenus patent portfolio should be directed to Amy Much, Protenus's General Counsel, at amy.much@protenus.com.

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