SAVESHERRY.ORG Grandson Launches GoFundMe to Save 80-Year-Old, Widowed Grandmother’s Home

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11/06/2024 15:00

Family Requests Support for Elderly Widow at Risk of Losing Home After Septic System Collapse

CATTARAUGUS, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Living alone as an elderly widow comes with countless challenges. For 80-year-old Sherry Camilloni, these difficulties have been compounded by the collapse of her septic system, leading to the devastating prospect of losing her cherished home. The family has issued a heartfelt plea for support, launching a nationwide fundraiser on GoFundMe (https://gofund.me/7117ee1b) to raise $25,000 for a complete system replacement, ensuring that Sherry can continue living in the home she has loved for decades.

Family Selfie
Family Selfie
Left to right - Cara Camilloni, Jeremy Camilloni, Sherry Camilloni

Sherry spent her life working tirelessly as a waitress and hairstylist, even achieving her dream of owning a small business. Despite her resilience and hard work, she now faces unbearable living conditions. The failed septic system has caused sewage and wastewater to infiltrate her 123-year-old home, leaving her without basic facilities such as a bathroom and shower. Like many struggling seniors across the country, Sherry is living solely on Social Security and cannot afford the cost of a new septic system.

"My grandmother's daily life has become nearly impossible, and it breaks my heart to see her enduring such hardship," said Jeremy Camilloni, Sherry's grandson. "She's always been the heart of our family, and now she needs help more than ever. We're reaching out to communities across the nation, hoping to rally support and raise the necessary funds to restore her home."

The campaign aims to bring together compassionate individuals and communities to impact Sherry's life. The family is appealing to pastors nationwide to share Sherry's story with their congregations and encourage donations.

"The response so far has been incredibly heartwarming," Camilloni continued. "We believe in the power of community and faith to bring about miracles. With the support of kind-hearted people, we can transform this situation into a blessing for my grandmother."

Donations will go directly towards repairing the septic system, restoring Sherry's access to basic facilities, and ensuring her home is safe and livable again. Additional funds raised will be used for other necessary home repairs and establishing an emergency fund for future needs.

To add a special touch to this effort, the family plans to surprise Sherry with the news of the fundraiser's success. They plan to capture her reaction on video and share it on their updates page and social media accounts so supporters can see firsthand the impact of their generosity.

"We cannot wait to see the look on her face when she finds out that her home will be restored thanks to the kindness of strangers," Camilloni said. "This is not just about fixing a septic system; it's about giving Sherry the peace of mind and dignity she deserves in her golden years."

The family is urging anyone who can help to donate and share Sherry's story. Every dollar counts, and together, we can make a life-changing difference.

Contact Information

Jeremy Camilloni
Family Organizer & Coordinator
‪(716) 259-2832‬

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SOURCE: SaveSherry.org


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