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15/05/2024 16:00

The award-winning full-service app and digital experience agency launched its new brand, focusing on meaningful solutions that matter.

RICHMOND, VA / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2024 / Today, Shockoe, a leader in digital transformation, announced the next iteration of its company. Building on its nearly 15 years of excellence, Shockoe's team looks toward a future as a people-focused company powered by tech. Since its founding, Shockoe has partnered with industry leaders like American Express, the PGA Tour, HyVee, and Pet Paradise to create user-friendly and engaging apps and digital experiences.

"Today's announcement is the next step in our evolution; our new brand reinforces our commitment to creating the digital experiences that matter," said Alex Otanez, Shockoe CEO. "The rebrand isn't just about a new look - it's a promise to deliver value, innovation, and efficiency, a renewed commitment to our clients and industry partners as well as their customer and employee base. I know our team has the experience and passion to create best-in-class experiences - our brand now reflects this."

Shockoe's latest brand transformation highlights the company's focus on creating impactful tech and solutions that matter. The announcement includes the introduction of new tools and solutions that can cut product development times by up to 85%. These proprietary tools are built on years of experience and enhance, rather than replace, the Shockoe team to quickly create quality digital products.

At Shockoe, our refreshed motto, "We make it work - you make it matter," reflects our commitment to delivering impactful digital solutions for our clients. Whether you want to grow your customer base, increase engagement, or modernize your tech stack to save money, our work reflects these critical objectives and our rebrand supports them. Learn more about Shockoe's next phase and how the full-service team can support your digital innovation journey at https://shockoe.com/.

About Shockoe:

Shockoe is an acclaimed app and digital experience agency at the forefront of innovation across mobile, wearables, AI, and immersive experiences. Their mission is to empower brands to create impactful digital experiences that deeply connect with users. From Strategy to Design, Development, and Analytics & Measurement, Shockoe's diverse team leverages proprietary tools to swiftly build quality customized solutions. Trusted by global brands, including 10% of Fortune 500s, Shockoe has developed over 100 custom apps that foster loyalty, track consumer behavior, and drive tangible results.

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Ashley Hyman
Marketing Director

SOURCE: Shockoe


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