VERTOSOFT Ivy.ai Launches Partnership With Vertosoft, Connects the Public Sector With AI-Powered Chatbot Technology

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13/02/2024 15:15

Reseller partnership to promote equitable access to government resources including unemployment benefits, public grants and more

LEESBURG, VA / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2024 / Ivy.ai, the leading provider of chatbots and omnichannel communications platforms, today announced a new partnership with Vertosoft, a high-value technology reseller for the public sector. Governing bodies are tasked with addressing citizen queries quickly, accurately, and efficiently - a time-intensive process that takes a toll on government resources. The new partnership between Ivy.ai and Vertosoft aims to mitigate those strains by providing quality customer service chatbot technology that enables streamlined access to the most updated versions of critical government resources.

Vertosoft & Ivy.ai
Vertosoft & Ivy.ai
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Government services cater to a diverse population with varying levels of familiarity with official language and procedures. This leads to a high volume of inquiries, which are not limited to business hours. Handling these responses manually can result in inconsistencies and errors, which breeds dissatisfaction and mistrust amongst citizens. However, Ivy.ai's technology is specifically designed to ease this process by providing accurate, consistent responses around the clock, which drastically cuts operational costs.

Ivy.ai's chatbots leverage an organization's owned knowledge sources to deliver conversational responses using the information prepared by the organization itself. This means that not only can chatbots answer natural language questions in real-time, but the technology is also constantly being fine-tuned and connected with integrations to deliver a completely personalized experience. What's more, Ivy.ai's chatbots are multilingual, supporting diverse populations and equitable access to information.

"We're so excited to announce a partnership with Vertosoft that eases the process for citizens to access the government services they so desperately need," said Mark McNasby, CEO and co-founder of Ivy.ai. "Government-related queries often involve complex regulatory information. To ensure constituents can access accurate information as quickly as possible, governing bodies need a technology like Ivy.ai that updates and evolves in tandem with the internal team. With our technology at their fingertips, citizens can quickly and easily access resources that make their daily lives easier to navigate.

"We recognize the transformative power of AI to enhance how the public sector communicates with citizens," said Chet Hayes, Chief Technology Officer of Vertosoft. "We see Ivy.ai as a game-changer; it harnesses the advanced capabilities of generative AI integrated with an organization's unique knowledge base. This means more accurate and personalized interactions, providing a revolutionary level of service automation. We are excited to bring this technology to public sector organizations to allow delivery of 24/7, consistent, and reliable service to the public."

Ivy.ai's technology is HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, WCAG2.2, and SOC2 compliant. To learn more about the company's product offerings and partnerships, please visit www.ivy.ai.

About Ivy.aiIvy.ai is the leading provider of conversational, artificially intelligent chatbots for higher education, health care, and government. Founded by Mark McNasby and Michal Oglodek in 2016, Ivy.ai has a ninety-seven percent customer retention rate and has been selected as an Inc 5000 company for three consecutive years. With over 800 bots built, Ivy.ai bots handled more than 6.2 million unique conversations in 2023.

About Vertosoft Vertosoft is a high value distributor dedicated to providing the most coveted innovative and emerging technology solutions to the government. The company's comprehensive solution portfolio coupled with our elite services provide channel partners and suppliers with the enablement, inside sales support, contracts, and compliant systems required to drive growth in the government market.

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